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Book Keeper

1. Export your collection in Delicious Library to Delicious Library 1.5
2. From the ZIP file DL created, get the XML and use that to convert the XML to Books XML (using our online converter )
3. Get the JPGs from the ZIP from Delicious, and copy them in the same folder as the converted XML
4. ZIP the JPGs together with the converted XML
5. Connect your iPhone/iPad with iTunes, click on the device, go to Apps > File Sharing
6. Drop the ZIP file into Book Keeper (on the bottom)
7. Start Book Keeper on the iPhone/iPad and tap restore.


Only one app at the same time can use a heart rate sensor over Bluetooth. If you already started an app which tries to connect to your heart rate sensor (like e.g. RunKeeper, the Poler H7 app, ...) it will make a Bluetooth connection to the heart rate sensor and the Heartbeats app will not be able to make a Bluetooth connection. In order to resolve this, you should force-quit all apps which connect to the Bluetooth heart rate sensor, or restart the iPhone and start Heartbeats prior to any other app which connects to the Bluetooth heart rate sensor.

When you start the app on iPhone, and the Pebble app is launched and it displays "no heartbeat" this means the app could not communicate with the bluetooth heart rate monitor. Make sure you can see it in iPhone's Settings app, by going into Bluetooth and making sure it is listed and connected over there.


You can make a template by following this tutorial.

Stock Keeper

The CSV of Stock Keeper can contain following values. Most of these values are optional. Make sure to add a CSV header line as first line (as in the sample CSV).

Value Meaning
name Name of the product
sku Unique identifier of the product
barcode Barcode of the product
category Parent category wherein the product resides
comment Additional comments
custom A custom field
details Product details
expires Expiry date of the product in UTC (e.g. 2011-12-29 23:00:00
latitude GPS latitude (e.g. 50.900)
longitude GPS longitude (e.g. 4.425)
location String value for the location (e.g. Brussels)
quantity Amount of units you own (e.g. 3200)
unit Unit type (0 = pcs, 1 = kg, 2 = ton, 3 = gram, 4 = mg, 5 = lb,
6 = oz, 7 = l)
unitCost Cost of 1 product
unitPrice Sell price of 1 product

A sample CSV can be downloaded here.


After tapping the 'Backup to iTunes' button, Timesheets generates an XML file in it's Document folder. Next, backup the XML somewhere save on your computer:

-connect your device to your computer
-in iTunes, select your device
-go to the apps section and scroll down to the 'File Sharing' section
-select Timesheets in the list
-drag the XML from the iTunes window to a save location