Movie Collection is the ultimate movie, film and TV-series collector app. Have you ever been in a store wondering whether you already own that movie? Have friends visiting and have them choose the film? Send out reminders when your friend keeps a copy of your movie for too long?

Movie Collection is a gorgeous looking (retina!) app. It allows to add movies and TV series by typing (part of) their title. All movie details are fetched from TMDB automagically (including a hi-res poster!). Movie Collectionor allows to mark movies as lent to a friend and sends out friendly reminders if long overdue.


  • ✓ Gorgeous and slick
  • ✓ Fast
  • ✓ TMDB integration
  • ✓ Backup & restore
  • ✓ Lend to friend + reminders
  • ✓ Tag movies
  • ✓ Filter
  • ✓ Random movie selector