MathQiz tests your basic arithmetic skills and allows you to compare your results against other players in your country, or even worldwide.

You can use the app as a math tutor for your kids, or use it yourself to do some brain training.

MathQiz consists of 5 quiz types (combinations of add, subtract, multiply and divide), whereby each quiz type contains 5 levels (varying from very easy to pretty hard). Each level contains 30 random math questions which results in an unlimited amount of quiz fun!

After finishing a level, you can submit your score to the worldwide scorecard and try to get in the Top 20 of your country, or even try to become world math leader!


  • 5 quiz types
  • 5 levels
  • 750 random math exercices
  • Play against math gurus worldwide!
  • Localized in English, Dutch, French and German